Students in New Tech Network Continue to Outpace National High School Graduation and College Persistence Rate

NTN 2018 School and Student Success Report

Texas Schools Partner with New Tech Network and Show Promising Results

New Tech Network (NTN) announced today that its students outperform national high school graduation rates for the eighth year in a row according to the 2018 School and Student Success Report. Students graduate from high school at 94%, ten percentage points higher than the most recent national average available. NTN alumni continue to persist in college at 83%, five percentage points higher than the national average.

New Tech Network partner districts strive to address educational inequity by supporting the redesign, creation, and development of schools that intentionally seek to close the opportunity gap while preparing students for an ever-changing career environment.

"Every student deserves access to schools where they feel engaged and connected to their peers and their community and are able to develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills as an everyday experience. We also believe that teachers and administrators stand ready and willing to implement proven innovative methods that better prepare all students for life after high school," said President and CEO Lydia Dobyns.

In the Texas Education Agency A-F grades, NTN schools in Texas consistently scored top grades with many scoring in the A range. While students attending traditional schools gain content knowledge, students at NTN schools are equipped with 21st Century skills, further preparing them for success both in traditional assessment settings and after graduation.

NTN high school students demonstrated an average of 42% more growth in higher order thinking skills. Critical thinking skills were measured using the College and Work Readiness Assessment Plus (CWRA+) administered by Council for Aid to Education (CAE). This nationally normed assessment uses realistic tasks to assess four domains of learning: analytical reasoning and evaluation, writing effectiveness, writing mechanics, and problem-solving and compared NTN high schools against largely private schools based on a 4-year average.

"The staff of Memorial Early College High School is very proud of our scores. In particular, accomplishing a 97% in student achievement and a perfect score on closing the gap. We focus on providing students with real-world skills through quality learning experiences. Our students are assessed daily on communication, collaboration, and critical thinking - each an essential skill for careers today," said Principal Meredith Pappas.

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Media Contact: Krista Clark

Source: New Tech Network